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Vacuum Transfer Switch(VTS)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Vacuum Transfer Switch uses a vacuum interrupter and BMC barrier that improved the insulation and is built-in with an electrical and mechanical interlock device and an over-current lock device. It is a power transfer switch that can prevent failures due to an interruption faults in case of a short circuit and over-current conduction.

Product Features

1) An electrical and mechanical interlock is built-in.
  - There are no malfunctions since the transfer device is equipped with the electrical and mechanical interlock.
  - It is easy to design since there is no need to consider the electrical and mechanical interlock at outside.
 2) It ensure a long operational cycle and long durability.
  - The vacuum interrupter used at the switch part consumes very little contacts and the vacuum cycle is 20 years or more which is superior in its durability.
 3) It is easy to perform a maintenance work.
  - VTS is in a draw-in/out structure which enables to perform various inspections easily and the molded insulation barrier is an open-type that allows easy cleaning and inspection. The transfer operation is carried out by an instantaneous mode and its power is consumed only during the transfer so it is economical.


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