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Vacuum Interrupter(VI)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Vacuum Interrupter (V.I) is a core part that composes the breaking part of high-voltage VCB. Generally, it is a satisfactory conductor to supply power and it promptly interrupts the current in case of an overload and short circuit faults to ensure the insulation. It is the most ideal, arc-extinguishing device.


Product Features


1) It is a high-performing, highly reliable product and its electrical B11 and mechanical cycle has improved.
  - Its performance is optimized by applying the vacuum technology accumulated for more than 25 years.
  - It is possible to maintain the high-vacuum state for a long time due to the brazing of vacuum furnace at a clean room and automatic processing of vacuum exhaust unit.
  - Through a single compression processing of individual contact, its mechanical strength is good an it does not transform even with more than 10,000times of unload operations.
 2) Its performance is improved due to a high-speed breaking and a short arc time.
  - As a quick insulation recovery characteristic in the vacuum state, after the contact opening, it interrupts the current at the zero point of initial current which shortens the arc time resulting in less damages and losses or contacts.
  - It maintains high reliability by collecting and storing all information on manufacturing and by saving and managing manufacturing history of individual product.

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