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Magnetic Contactors/Switches(MC/MS)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Magnetic Contact/Switch provides customers with the safety as the first priority which is the core assignment and philosophy of our company. It ensures various protection functions and safety at the user’s point of view and the operational cycle in terms of electrical and mechanical features is improved to the world-class level by adopting an optimal design structure.

Product Features


Feature [VMC 9~85]

 1) World-class level switch operational cycle, its performance was recognized.
  - It is a product applied with the accumulated switch design and the electrical and mechanical cycle is improved to the world-class level through an optimal design structure.
 2) It is easy to use and the safe structure enables a convenient work.
  - It is possible to install a safety cover(Finger-proof) for contact prevention of magnetic contact. It is very convenient to remove by using a modularized auxiliary contact.
  - Removable with DIN-Rail installation structure.
  - It is possible to remove the magnetic switch by One Touch without separating VOR from the Din-Rail.
  - When connecting a thermal overload relay to the contact. It is possible to directly connect to the magnetic contact without a separate connector.


 Feature [VMC 100~200]
 1) Its performance was recognized through technology integration and international standard certifications.
  - It is a product applied with the accumulated switch design and application technologies, operating machine design technology and insulation design technology.
  - It provides the reliability and safety of electric equipments based on the stable quality and intensive technology via a safety certification.
 2) It is easy to use for it is in a safe and convenient structure.
  - It is possible to replace/disconnect the auxiliary contact and operating coil at the attached state.
  - By using a cassette-type coil unit, it is possible to replace and disconnect only the operating coil with the contact in the attached state.



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