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Air Circuit Breaker(ACB)

Introduction of item


 VITZROEM VIDER Air Circuit Breaker is a circuit breaker that passed new IEC standard (IEC60947-2, LV switch equipment and control equipment-circuit breaker) and KS standard (KSC 4620) development tests. It is a premium circuit breaker that is convenient to use with a design that enables a short breaking time and maximum safety and protection functions.

Product Features


1) It ensures a sufficient space for customers using a compact and lightweight device.
  - It is a compact product that is optimized for package panel system.
 2) It provides a stable image and an excellent breaking performance.
  - The front part and mechanism part of the product are molded using an insulator to increase the safety of operators.
  - The reliability of the product is enhanced based on a precise configuration and an excellent breaking capacity.
  - It is easy to perform maintenance using an overheat alarm function that detects the temperature of Busbar(R,S,T,N).
  - It has a superior switch performance and an excellent durability.
 3) It is easy to perform maintenance and the parts are compatible.
  - The mechanism part and auxiliary device are modularized for easy maintenance.
  - An overheat burn prevention function is built-in through a Shunt Coil.
  - The parts are closely connected which enables a convenient maintenance of users.

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