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Introduction of item

Unlike the other devices that require peripheral analogue or digital meters to configure a system, VIDER-M20 is equipped with all the digital measurement factors in the body to minimize any timely and spatial loss, ensuring the reliability and precision of all measured parameters based on the digitization. VIDER-M20 uses DSP to perform a highly reliable, precise measurement, and the measurement factors are repeatedly calculated to enable a precise and high-speed measurement.

Product Features

 1) Installed with various measurement factors of the power system and controls CB

 2) Displays the phase data of voltage/current and monitors the error correction, load status and so forth with the naked eyes

 3) Uses Digital Filter to remove various noise waveform on the voltage

 4) Has a user password insertion and SBO functions for controlling so as to ensure the reliability of setting and control

 5) Event function: 1000 events

 6) English/Korean(option)

 7) DI/DO interface function

 8) Displays System Single Line Diagram

 9) Measurement of voltage/current harmonics of each phase & THD


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