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Main Circuit Breaker for Rolling Stock(MCB)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM MCB is installed to promptly and accurately interrupt the over-current in case of a failure in the circuit after the secondary part of main transformer when the AC section is being operated. It is also a switch that performs the opening and closing of the main circuit in case of interrupting the fault current and at normal alternating current section and nonpressurized section. Thus, it has both roles of the breaker and the switch. This device is exclusively for the alternating current and interruption should not be carried out at the direct current section. This breaker is generally called the vacuum circuit breaker (collectively, VCB) and uses the high dielectric strength at vacuumed state and the diffusion of arc. It is fixed inside the enclosed vacuum container and both electrodes of starting operation are arranged to interrupt the current by cutting off the electrodes.


Product Features


1) It is successfully internationalized through a performance test executed by the local authentication organization.
  - It is a main circuit breaker for the rolling stock with the biggest capacity in the world and its performance was verified by KERI. Korea Institute of Machinery&Materials tested the anti-vibration function based-on KSR 9144 2-Type B.
 2) It ensure the safety of product by adopting an excellent breaking capacity.
  - It is the sole main circuit breaker in the country that train manufacturers continuously prefer to use. And its performance has enhanced constantly with over 10 years of achievements.
 3) The quality of product greatly improved due to a sufficient capacity.
  - The vacuum interrupter being used is designed with sufficient amount of conducting capacity which led to a stable performance and high electrical life cycle.

Product Rating



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