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Current-limiting Power Fuse(CLPF)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Current Limit Power Fuse passed the development test carried out by an official authentication organization and it is recognized for its superior quality and short circuit capability. It is an advanced product designed by applying the accumulated technology and experiences in the field of current limit power fuse and its application equipments

Product Features


1) It ensured the maximum breaking capacity within the same rating.
  - It is possible to provide various fuse ratings due to the development of 7.2kV 50kA, 24/25.8kV 40kA and 1A~200A.
  - Thanks to the development of 25.8kV Class current limit fuse. It can be used at local outdoors.
  - It is easy to apply to GIS by realization of an optimal striker.
 2) The size is reduced for convenience and the breaking capability and safety has been improved.
  - Its external dimension is minimized within the same rating.
  - It realized the optimal striker.
  - It is easy to select an accurate fuse capacity due to an exact time-current melting characteristics.(±10% or under)
  - By using a strong striker, it can deliver the maximum energy with the same rating.
  - It is an enclosed-type so it is appropriate for small places.
 3) Its performance was recognized through technology integration and international standard certificates.
   - The external shape is standardized based on DIN international standard so it is compatible by types and ratings and it is easy to perform the maintenance work.
   - It ensures an excellent current limit characteristic, small current breaking capability and low operating voltage.

Product Rating



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