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ATS Controller (VITAC200)

Introduction of item


Product Features

●Resumes power supply to load by controlling the ATS when power fails, by alwaysmonitoring the commercial and emergency power.


●Reflects the power characteristics of the product installation site by settingthe level of commercial and emergency power monitoring.


●Supports automatic switchover to the commercial power when the commercial powerreturns to normal level during emergency power operation.


●Controls the ATS of other companies as the output time of the ATS controlsignal can be setand the closing/trip coil damage of theATS can be prevented.


●Guarantees product reliability using EMC test items and self-diagnosisfunction.


●Checks the state of the product and modifies major setting values using theVITZRO’s VICOM Manager program (Modbus-RTU, RS-232)


●Installing on panels with various thickness by applying the screw fasteningmethod.


Product Rating

Control power voltage: AC220 [V] (Input range : AC 130 [V] ~ 270 [V]), Type : Self-power using the power transformer.


●Power consumption : Constantswitchover : Under 4W [5W]


Communication : RS232 serial communication (Modbus-RTU)



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