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Introduction of item

VIPAM3500C is a digital integrated protection relay that enables high-precision measurement and protection relay for switchgear power equipment.

The switchgear panel became compact by connecting various protection functions with DSP algorithms and high-speed logic functions to enable flexible engineering.

Product Features

 1) It is a relay with a variety ofinterfaces with the super system resulting in an electronic distribution panel solution.


 2) 3.2” TFT-LCD provides Korean or English menus for the operator to use the equipment conveniently

 3) Provide various relay elements that are vital for electric power system.

  - OCR, OCGR, DOCR, DOCGR, SGR, OVR, UVR, OVGR, POR, NSOVR, NSOCR, Auto-Reclosing, Infrush, THR,


 4) The Modbus-RTU protocol is applied by default, which is most widely used in the industry


 5) device setting, measurement, power monitoring and saving/modifying/recovering values [relay factors] and the fault wave data to analyze relay-relevant information can be checked, using IDE management software and the USB port in front of VIPAM3500C.


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