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Vacuum Contact Switch(VCS)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Vacuum Contact Switch is a miniature, high-performance HV VCS. It is highly reliable and stable and easy to use. There are 2 types fixed excitation mode and instantaneous excitation mode that do not require maintenance. It is a switch for high voltage motor, transformer and condenser circuits and it contributed greatly to the modernization and simplification of the equipment.

Product Features


[Fixed Type]
1) Its performance was recognized through technology integration and international standard certificates.
  - It is a product with the maximum short circuit capacity conforming to the international standard IEC-60470.
 2) It improved the safety by applying an excellent breaking capability and a long-term quality warranty.
  - The arc time at all areas of current is generally 0.5cucle or below.
  - It performs a great breaking capability during the opening and closing of condenser bank. The chopped current is less than 1(A) so when interrupting the load current of motor and the exciting current of transformer, a high surge voltage is not generated.
  - The mechanical life cycle of fixed excitation mode is 2,500,000 times and that of instantaneous mode is 250,000 times. The electrical life cycle is 250,000 times of the load opening and closing.
 3) It is easy to and safe to use with various optional functions.
  - There are 4 types of ratings-fixed type, individual draw-out type, draw-out type and mechanical interlock mounting type-with totalof 36 product types. All draw-out types are mounted with a draw-out unit. However, a power fuse is mounted when ordered.
 4) There is enough space due to it is compact size and light-weight.

  - It is possible to mount a distribution panel with 600mm width and it can be leaded in 3 columns.

Product Rating



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