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Gas Insulated Load Break Switch(GLBS)

Introduction of item

VITZROEM Gas Insulated Load Break Switch is a SF6 gas-insulated multi-circuit switch that is installed on ground or underground at 22.9kV-Y or 22kV-△ underground distribution line. It is an optimal product that uses SF6 gas as the insulating medium superior for its arc extinguishing capability and the operating mechanism is a single-operation method with 3-ground circuit for distinguishing the lines and branch lines.

Product Features


1) Switch Body

  - It is a 3-phase integrated operating, single-tank type that consists of switch, auxiliaries based on the operation method, cabinet based on the operation method,  cabinet based on the installation type and so on.
  - It is equipped with a ground switch for each circuit and it is designed so that the operating state of the ground switch can be easily checked outside.
  - The body cabinet is 3mm or bigger and the front part where the bushing is mounted is 5mm or bigger and both are manufactured using a stainless steel plate[KSD37053(Type&Mark),STS304L] that can endure the inner gas pressure. It is designed to have a stable structure with strong electrical and mechanical characteristics and durability.
  - Bolts are not used in order to prevent gas leak and it is completely enclosed by TIG welding. The insulating material used in the inner part is the bisphenol, epoxy resin with excellent resistance to electrical and mechanical characteristics and SF6gas.
 2) Operating Device
  - The operating device of the switch is divided into a main circuit part and earth part. It is designed to require no special skills and all 30phase contacts are opened/closed imultaneously and the switching speed is always consistent regardless of the operation method.
  - An automatic switch enables the mechanical closing/opening, electrical closing/opening and remote operation of the main circuit part. However, the closing/opening of ground switch part can be manually operated on site.
  - An interlock device is applied so that the closing (earth) operation of the ground switch is not done unless the main circuit is opened and the closing operation of the main circuit is impossible at closing (earth) state of the ground switch.

3) Cabinet
  - The cabinet and the base are made up of stainless steel plate[KSD 37053(Type&Mark] with size of 2.0mm or bigger and 3.0mm or bigger respectively. It is structured so that water does not form a pool in the cabinet.
  - The cabinet is designed and manufactured so that it is easy to connect and disconnect cables, detect current, check earth and phase and so forth by opening the cabinet door easily. In addition, automatic voltage transformer for power control is installed in the lower part of the body and a door is installed in the lower-side part of the cabinet for easy replacements.
  - The cabinet is coated in Munsell N0. 7.5GY 3.5/2(green color) when installed in sidewalk and other areas.
  - Product Standards: ES-5925-00020(2008.12.30), IEC60265-1(1998), IEC60694(2002), IEEE C37.71(2001), IEEEC37.90.1(2002).
4) Bushing part
  - It is structured to connect to the 600A deadbreak-type connector that is regulated in IEEE386 and it is installed in the body part using bolts and it is in an O-ring enclosed structure for full enclosure.
  - A flange is made up of epoxy material and the flange surface that is connected to the body is connected based on IEEE 386.


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