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Introduction of item
The VIPAM3300-F is a compact-size digital integrated protection relay that provides high-precision measurement and protective relay for electrical power receiving/ distribution equipment. The mounted 32-bit high speed DSP means it is capable of performing protective relay and measurement at the same time. The VIPAM3300-F supports the essential protective relay elements that are used in the extra-high voltage and high voltage panels by general extra-high voltage consumer. Its operation and setting are more streamlined than that of the conventional protection relay while its cost is much lower. The VIPAM3300-F supports various optional services such as equipment setting, measurement, power monitoring and saving/altering/restoring the setting value of the relay element via the RS232 port on the front. It also allows users to download fault waveforms to their PC for analysis. Moreover, it features a rear RS-422/485 port designed for communication with the upper software. It provides a wide range of application services including measurement, power monitoring and control of the circuit breaker.


Product Features

 1) Unlike a conventional relay that requires several analog or digital relay-type devices for a single complete system, the VIPAM3300-F is equipped with all the digital relay elements, minimizing losses in terms of time and space. It has digitized all the measuring values to guarantee both reliability and accuracy.
 2) The VIPAM3300-F uses DSP to iteratively compute at high speed many different kinds of relay elements in real-time in order to perform highly reliable and precise measurements for unfaltering reliability. Plus, it offers outstanding convenience with multinational language support (Korean and English).
 3) Provide 11 types of various relay elements that are vital for electric power system.
 4) Power quality function, including harmonic (Voltage/Current of each phase), K-Factor and so on.
 5) Function to save fault waveform using ferroelectric RAM.
 6) Provide a function to analyze the fault waveform using PC monitoring program.


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